Chorlton Dance Classes – Pete Francis



Adult and teen classes are as follows:

Monday and Tuesday evenings,  6.30-8 Urban/Contemporary 8-9.30 ballet


.About the classes


Dance, in my opinion, is a fantastic form of self expression. When thinking back to my classes as a teenager, there was nothing better than landing a difficult leap, or adding that extra turn when doing pirouettes. Dance needs to be as fun and enjoyable as well as hard work, and I intend to deliver just that. So come and give it a try…


I will be teaching traditional classical ballet, in a non-traditional way. The class will be split into two parts, the barre work first which acts as a warm-up and prep for the center work which follows. You will learn the positions of the arms and feet, how to pirouette and turn, leaps and jumps and everything in between. Ballet shoes are advisable but not essential.

Urban./Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance is like a relaxed, less rigid type of ballet, in so much as it uses the same positions of the arms and feet, but massively easier to pick up and much more fun.Its perfect for beginners and people who are interested in exploring dance as it retains the grace and strength of ballet but is much more flowing. The Urban touch comes by intergrating smooth moionwalk/boddypoppy type of a flow to both foot work and movements.