Chorlton dance classes

About me

I began dancing at the age of 8 when I attended a small dance school in Glossop which is where I grew up. As I progressed through the grades doing Ballet, tap nad modern, it soon became obvious that if I were to improve and progress, I would need lessons of a slightly higher standard., so I joined the Northern ballet school. Housed in the Dance House on Oxford rd, the Northern gave me a much more rigorous training. Good preparation for the London Contemporary Dance College, who offered me a scholarship to attend when I was 19.
I trained there for a year then moved on to the Rambert where I studied for two years, completing my training.

My first tour was with The Wienna ballet company's Germany tour of Swan lake. We visited over a hundred theaters on the tour and I got to see a good amount of Germany. This was followed with a London company called Blue moves, where we performed at the Camden round house for a couple of months. I was then lucky enough to successfully audition for STOMP, and that was the big leagues. We did a 5 star tour of Europe with all the trimmings. This tour included a Vogue and max magazine shoot. 18 months later and I was back on English soil when I decided to try something a little different, so I created Disdance, a dance company which focused on delivering dance workshops to schools. Now called Nebula Artistic, I have clocked up over 6000 schools in the Uk and Europe. Mostly using the hands and feet technique that I had learned with Stomp. These workshops vary to involve children of all ages, right down to Nursery.

I began teaching evening classes at Chorlton high school at the end of 2017 and with a view to travelling around the UK less, I am now teaching childrens classes. I was surprised to learn how little in the way of dance classes we have here. And so I hope to fill a rather large gap. The classes are non syllabus classes, which means that I can tailor the content to fit the kids and not the other way around. Dance in my opinion is a fantastic form of self expression and as such needs to be fun and achievable.

About the classes

Working off syllabus means that we will not be doing I.S.T.D or R.A.D. exams. Instead I will endeavour to pluck the more enjoyable bits of both and teach dance that everyone can enjoy. This does mean that in the most part, I will be making it up and figuring it out as I go, so feed back is welcome. No uniforms or dress requirements although it is a good idea to invest in a pair of ballet or jazz shoes.

Unlike most dance schools, we will not be having long “variety” type performances at the end of each term. I do however feel that it is important however that children develop performance confidence, and so we will be adapting some of the classics so they are achievable for younger dancers. My personal favourites are Swan lake and the nutcracker. The idea here will be to dance a much abridged version lasting no longer that 30 minutes.

Y4,5 and 6 performing

stomp hands and feet dance classes

These classes are incredibly accessible for for all as we are using stamps and claps so there is very little in the way of movements to learn.. Using the simple idea of stamps and claps, we create very funky rhythmical routines. A great class for boys and girls of all ages.


I will be teaching traditional classical ballet, in a non traditional way. The class will be split into two parts, the barre work first which acts as a warm up and prep for the centre work which follows. Th children will learn the positions of the arms and feet, how to pirouette and turn, leaps and jumps and everything in between. Ballet shoes are advisable but not essential.

Contemporary dance

Contemporary dance is like a relaxed, less rigid type of ballet, in so much as it uses the same positions of the arms and feet, but massively easier to pick up and much more fun.Its perfect for beginners and people who are interested in exploring dance as it retains the grace and strength of ballet but is much more flowing.